About company
About Instrumentation Laboratory
Founded in 1959, Instrumentation Laboratory is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, USA and has operations worldwide. Company is an integral part of Werfen Group, a global healthcare corporation dedicated to delivering the highest quality in vitro diagnostic products, medical devices and scientific instruments. With outstanding scientific resources and through industry alliances and strategic acquisitions, Werfen Group helps medical professionals everywhere improve the quality of care.
Since its founding IL has led the rapidly evolving markets of clinical diagnostic systems for blood gas/electrolytes analysis, hemostasis and clinical chemistry Through its history Instrumentation Laboratory made landmark discoveries that benefit patients and caregivers. These discoveries include the centrifugal analyzer, enhanced solid state fluidics, CO-Oximetry and many more. Instrumentation Laboratory holds more than one hundred patents vital to the advance of medicine. Company recruits the most gifted scientists, collaborate with the best partners and works closely with its customers to create unparalleled products.
Instrumentation Laboratory in Lithuania and Latvia
Instrumentation Laboratory in the Baltic States is represented by its affiliate company “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” which was founded in 1992. Commercial and administrative office is located in Kaunas, Lithuania. From its very beginning “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” is dedicated to providing its customers with excellent pre and post sales support. Our customers are not only the biggest Baltic States hospitals, pharmaceutical plants and science research centers, but also primary care physicians offices.
Long-termed investments into employees qualifications, company’s and customers relations, technical support databases, automated recording and logistics systems were very successful and well evaluated by our customers. Today “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” is a modern, dynamically developing company, well known in all the Baltic States.
Thanks to Strategic Alliance between CH Werfen and Beckman Coulter Inc., “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” is pleased to offer Beckman Coulter products which are leading instrument systems simplifying and automating processes in life science and technology laboratories. Beckman Coulter products are used throughout the world in all phases of the battle against diseases from pioneering medical research and drug discovery to diagnostic testing that aids in patient treatment processes and improve productivity.
In 2011 “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” has received a special certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2011”, proving to our partners and customers that our company is able to fill its financial obligations on time and in the most effective way.
Quality system
“Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” from the very beginning of its activities is focused to the quality and to the customer. “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” was the first IVD company in Lithuania which was certified according to ISO 9000 series standards. In November 2000 the Quality Management System of the company has been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the quality standards ISO 9002. From that time till now “Instrumentation Laboratory (Lietuva) B.I.” periodically passes external auditing procedures in order to renew the ISO certification.